To become a global brand is everyone’s dream. While considering such things we should use our broad imagination.

Using high quality fabric in the textile, stuffed coat and regular coat group, we started the journey with a teamwork spirit by working with stylists from various countries and a talented modelist team to focus highly on pattern, style and fashion.

This plan and mentality pushed us to produce the highest quality of products to ourselves and to our clients. We built up a strong customer portfolio with a wide product range, and we aimed to serve not to one country but to the World while creating the collections. We developed and updated our product range not only every month but every day to maintain continuity with the customers.

We are trying to show our quality and differences to the new potential customers by participating to the Global Fairs. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are always aiming to see new customers as a part of our family. Our team is so eager to support you with every issue after purchasing, we don’t just aim to promote and sell the product.

We pay high attention to details as a brand, we want our female customers feel different and reflect their styles by all means.You can see our collections not only from our website or social media channles, you can also visit our showrooms to check the collections where you will feel more previleged. We would love to see you as a member of large Dessdi family.